Employment Type: Temporary Full Time
Remuneration:  –
Hours Per Week: 38
Requisition ID: CAM11964

Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital is seeking a passionate Unaccredited Trainee to join our General Medicine Department in 2022!

Uniquely this position has been designed to offer you the chance to hone your skills in Palliative Care Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Medical Oncology Medicine, and Medical Oncology Research*

Where you’ll be working
With a population of 60,000, you will be living a rural lifestyle, in a very liveable inland city halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, and weekends at the coast are within easy reach. Tamworth is a thriving regional city where you will experience the best of both worlds with 6 daily return flights to the closest major capital cities with the knowledge you are living and raising your family under the most ideal circumstances; big wide open spaces, a welcoming and friendly community, affordable housing, great schools and endless opportunities for you and your family to pursue past-time passions.

What you’ll be doing

The primary purpose of the Unaccredited Trainee in General Medicine is to provide effective medical services to patients under supervision while developing expertise in medical practice in a complex clinical environment in inpatient and outpatient areas in the public health organisations within the Network.

Unaccredited Trainee in General Medicine role consists of rotations through Palliative Care and Medical Oncology departments, working under an appropriate level of supervision by consultants.  Rotations have different levels of responsibility and team structures.  Unaccredited Trainees will gain increasing clinical autonomy and accountability as team leaders throughout the course of their training, building on their skills and attributes.

Unaccredited Trainees undertaking the care of medical patients should ensure that they operate within their own level of expertise within a collaborative clinical care model and to seek consultation with the treating physician when appropriate, in the following activities:

  • Clinically assess patients, incorporating consultation/history taking, examination, and formulation of a differential diagnosis and management plan
  • Discuss diagnoses and management plans with patients and their families or carers
  • Document the progress of patients in multiple settings
  • Prescribe medications tailored to patients’ needs and conditions
  • Transfer care of patients
  • Choose, organise and interpret investigations
  • Assess and manage acutely unwell patients
  • Plan, prepare for, perform, and provide aftercare for important procedures

*The 1FTE successful applicant will be offered the opportunity to conduct Medical Oncology research as part of their position. Further information regarding this opportunity will be provided at the interview. 

  1. Qualifications and experience as outlined in the Essential Requirements for the role.
  2. Demonstrated recent relevant experience in clinical medicine and ability to work independently in a complex clinical environment.
  3. Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills in dealings with patients, team members and supervisors.
  4. Demonstrated commitment to ongoing learning, teaching, research, quality improvement and clinical leadership in medicine.
  5. Demonstrated teamwork, time management and problem-solving skills in a clinical setting within a multidisciplinary team.
  6. Proven ability to apply clinical knowledge and concepts in practical situations in the context of multiple competing priorities.

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For role related queries or questions contact Nicole Lewis on hnelhd-tamworthmedicalrecruit@health.nsw.gov.au

Applications Close: 12th August 2021