Want to earn up to $1600 per day installing specialist domestic insulation products?
Specialist Insulation Subcontractors required for NSW and ACT regional areas. Full training and mentoring with potential to be granted free of charge an exclusive territory.

Paid 4 weeks training @ $1,000 per week (OPTIONAL)

Guaranteed $1500 per week income during establishment period upon completion of training. (OPTIONAL)

Potential Gross Profit up to $1600 per day installing after paying offsider wages, materials and vehicles.

Subcontractor ‘Start Up Costs’ including GST:
– $30,000 ‘INSULBLOC’ & ‘WOOLCELL’ Licence and Training Fee (OPTIONAL)
– $21,600 Insulation pump, equipment, stationary and uniforms
– $1,800 signage
– Plus, Working Capital, Vehicle and Storage Shed

– $770 per month Licence Fee.

Guaranteed ‘buy-back’ of equipment and stock at market rates.


Finance may be available to approved purchasers.

With our help you can build a business with a potential value of $200,000 or more.

WHO ARE WE? Jim’s Insulation Services has been operating for 24 years as 4 Seasons Home Insulation but now, as Jim’s Insulation Services, we have the capability to reach a wider market.

We have a unique retrofit wall insulation product Insulbloc. We have been developing this over the past 7 years and it has twice the insulation rating of any other commonly used Insulation product. We are rolling it out around Australia starting with the ACT and Regional NSW, in particular through the NSW Evocities.

We also install other insulation products aimed at increasing the Energy Rating of existing homes from 1 Star (average existing older home) to 5 Stars (current new home BASIX Standard in NSW).

MANDATORY Energy Rating Disclosure Laws are coming to NSW like that existing in the ACT. When an established home is put up for sale, the energy rating must be disclosed, and this will increase demand for insulation for increasing the Energy Rating of homes in NSW, as has happened in the ACT. Insulation is the primary way to increase the energy rating of existing homes and Insulblocing the walls will give you an exclusive advantage over other insulation contractors as there are very few wall insulation contractors outside of Australia’s capital cities.

To install Insulbloc in a home will usually take a day. A variety of skills are required, including:

  • use of harnesses,
  • erection of mobile scaffolding,
  • removal and replacement of bricks under windows,
  •  partial removal of cladding or weatherboards,
  • coring of plasterboard internal linings, replacement of cores and patching plaster.

All the required skills can be easily learnt by a handy person, or subcontracted out. The job also entails quoting and potentially some local area marketing activities to maximise your income. Some of this can be done by head office. Training and guidance in marketing and sales is provided on an ongoing basis.

We are looking for people with the following attributes:

  •  agile and slim
  •  self motivated
  • pride in appearance and workmanship
  • good customer relation skills
  • good workmanship with a demonstrated minimum 10 years paid work
  • high level of team spirit to join a family oriented business, working towards everyone succeeding

Customers of Regional NSW are constantly telling us there is little choice in insulation contractors and products in Regional NSW, as such there is an existing demand for our specialist services and through a proper marketing and educational process, together we can build on this existing demand. Our objective is to better serve Regional NSW with insulation.

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