Above Benchmark

Above Benchmark is one of Australia’s leading Mystery Shopping Providers. Our business is growing considerably and we’re recruiting Mystery Shoppers from all walks of life, from all over Australia. THE POSITION: We’re looking for Mystery Shoppers who can visit shops, cafes, fast food chains, beauty clinics, pharmacies and even vets in their local area. Mystery Shoppers pose as typical customers, to evaluate the customer service, food quality, cleanliness and overall experience. They are provided instructions and a list of questions for each job, then they simply visit the business and act just like a regular customer while observing everything. Upon completion, they log into our Mystery Shopping software and enter the results including any required photos and receipts. SKILLS & TECH NEEDED: • reliable internet, email and a mobile phone • a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or iPad • great observational skills and an excellent memory • the ability to think fast and improvise • fantastic communication skills; verbal and written • the ability to read and follow instructions • confidence in computers/programs/smartphones, etc. Mystery Shopping is an excellent way to boost your income. It’s incredibly flexible and perfect for fitting in around your other commitments. You don’t need prior experience, provided you have the skills and tech listed above. THE PAY: We pay our Mystery Shoppers for every completed job, we don’t ask them to work for freebies or to consider a free meal as their payment. Mystery Shop payments are different for each job and are based on the time and effort needed. Typically, payments range from $20-$65 for onsite visits and $15-$30 for phone calls. Meals and purchases are in addition to the payment. If a purchase is required Mystery Shoppers are paid back with their survey payment. At Above Benchmark we are incredibly proud to have the fastest Mystery Shopper payments in the country. Payments are processed weekly into the nominated bank account. We do not pay in vouchers, freebies or PayPal. ABOUT US: We are an Australian business and have been providing Mystery Shopping services for over 21 years. Our reputation is excellent amongst the Mystery Shoppers, due to our open communication, fair and fast pay and clear instructions for all of our Mystery Shops. We’re a member of the Mystery Shopper Professional Association in the Asia-Pacific region ensuring we adhere to a strict code of ethics policy. We’re honest and act with integrity to promote the industry and we don’t make false claims or mislead clients or Mystery Shoppers. We’re absolutely passionate about helping small businesses grow, helping big businesses remain industry leaders and providing casual and flexible work opportunities for those looking to boost their income. MORE INFO: If you’d like more info about what we do, please visit our website for more details and informative blogs. There you’ll find links to our social sites where you can read more about our business as well as testimonials and reviews from our Mystery Shoppers and clients. https://abovebenchmark.com.au/mystery-shopping-jobs/ TO APPLY: Our confidential application form can be found here: https://abovebenchmark.com.au/mystery-shopper-application/ We look forward to your application!