Albury City Council

Multiple Albury Waste Management Centre Opportunities

  • Material Recovery Plant Operators
  • Material recovery Diversion Operators
  • Recycling Centre Operators
  • Resource Recovery Operators
  • Customer Service Officers

The Positions 
Assist in the operation of machinery and other aspects of operation at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), the Recycling Centre or the Waste Management Centre.

  • Engage in a coordinated orderly approach to the sorting of recycling and waste disposal by providing a high level of customer service where required.
  • Operate and perform preventative maintenance on plant in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements relative to their role.
  • Removal of select products from a single stream of waste material depositing this down designated chute for recycling.
  • Operate all plant located at the Waste Management Centre in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements licence conditions, SafeWork NSW regulations and council policies.
  • Perform daily checks on plant and machinery to ensure mechanical, safety and operational compliance.
  • Operate and perform tasks related to MRF operations such as unloading of trucks, removal of contamination and oversized material, loading of the MRF sorting plant and loading of hook bins for movement.
  • Undertake maintenance and repair of landfill infrastructure including cells, roads and drains.
  • Spreading and compaction of waste, clearing and loading of pushpit waste, monitoring and decontamination of material stockpiles.
  • Segregate and package recycling materials for transport offsite.
  • Shred, dismantle, bale and process materials for recycling.

Experience and Qualifications or willing to obtain (Position Dependant)

  • Construction Induction Certificate (White Card)
  • Class C (Standard) Driver’s Licence (compulsory to have and maintain)
  • Front end loader licence or competency
  • Excavator licence or competency
  • Forklift licence or competency
  • Heavy Rigid Driver’s licence
  • Experience in manufacture/processing industry
  • Experience working in a landfill or resource recovery environment
  • Experience operating large plant and equipment
  • Experience working in a civil construction environment. 

Full time and Part Time positions available.

  • Full time based on 38 hours per week, working 38 hours across a 7- day spread, with actual days and times being worked in accordance with facility roster. 
  • Part Time based on 38 hours per week, working 15 hours every second weekend, with actual days and times being worked in accordance with the facility roster.
    • Saturday shifts – payment of a 50% penalty in addition to the ordinary hourly rate.
    • Sunday shifts – payment of a 100% penalty in addition to the hourly rate.