The Staughton Group

The Staughton Group specialises in high-quality food manufacturing, primarily in the pet food markets and is located in the Albury region.

Over 180 jobs have been created by the Staughton Group since 2010 and is showing no sign of slowing down. Demand for our products is on the rise. New Drying ovens (using our patented innovative technology) are at build stage, which will multiply production by up to 5 times. And the Howlong Industrial Precinct Project has just been given the green light, which will establish Howlong as an international export hub for pet food and generate up to 60 new jobs.

With experience in food ingredient processing, co-manufacturing, technology development, logistics and engineering, Staughton Group is the definitive partner for all food ingredient manufacturing requirements.

Vacancies are listed at their website Careers – Staughton Group