Kirinari Community Services Ltd. 

Kirinari frequently advertise for entry level disability support workers, service delivery managers and other related roles. You can search for careers on their webpage here Job Search Careers at Kirinari

In the 1980’s, Aware Industries recognised the need for accommodation services in Regional NSW. Here a dedicated team was developed and created ’Kirinari Community Services’. Our first leased house was named ‘Nurioopta’ from the Department of Housing (NSW) in West Albury, Nurioopta opened with four residents in May 1983. This was the beginning of many more leased, purchased and built houses over the next 33 years. From there, our support services grew, and we started providing support to people in their home, work and community.

In 2018 Kirinari merged with Kalianna Enterprises Inc.

Kalianna originated in 1966 beginning as a Training Centre. In 1970 they included adults as a ‘Sheltered Workshop’. 1993 Kalianna Laundry began operation and in 2000 Albury and District Transport merged into Kalianna Transport.

Today both organisations operate as Kirinari Community Services Ltd.